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Use terms and conditions to place an order or buy products from the site online for you and the supply of purchases via our shop. Thus maintain customer-company relationship.

By ordering products from our shop, we acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all our terms and conditions. Ensure you provided complete accurate information while placing an order. Read the terms and conditions and read carefully.

The prices of the goods are in INR i.e. Indian Rupees

·         The apparel color or appearance may slightly vary from the actual product due to its digital and virtual look.

·         Our company is not legally responsible for delay or non-delivery of our products due to Wars, Floods or acts of God or under any hard circumstances that is beyond our company’s control.

·         Products will be delivered within 10 days after receipt of payment; however shipping procedure begins the very day of receipt of the payment and its confirmation.

·         If our product could not be delivered to you because of a mistake made by you in relation to your wrong name or address, redelivery charges shall be claimed from you.

·         You must use credit card issued in the name of the user to make transactions with our company whilst buying products through our given trustworthy protected Payment Gateway. We will not be accountable for any credit card fraudulently in any case.

·     The company reserves the right to modify or add some of its term or condition any time without sending notices to its clients. Furthermore it can confirm and authenticate its user’s details any point in time and if it is found wrong, the company can refuse the order and expel the customer from its online shopping privilege.

·         In case of any unsatisfactory condition of our website or any other related services regarding delays and consequential damages or any other losses, our management will set the problems with passive settlement.